BTown Paranormal Research and Investigations

about us

BTown Paranormal Research and Investigations is located at the Serenity Tree Healing offices in Burien, WA.  As a team we are dedicated to finding new ways to understand the world around us.  Research and testing is our primary mission.  We perform investigations as a way to test and confirm theories.  We do not investigate private or residential cases. 

our team

BTPRI is a closed team of talented and experienced and dedicated investigators.

Stephanie Davisson

Stephanie has been involved in paranormal research and investigation for nearly 20 years.  She has excelled in performing all aspects of investigation but specializes in training and education.  She is also a well respected Reiki Master / Teacher and conducts workshops and classes on energy movement.

Angela Pennington

Angela has over 30 years experience in esoteric studies.  She is a highly certified Vedic Astrologer.  She teaches at the American College of Vedic Astrology and has received numerous awards by Vedic astrology organizations.

Terri Black

Terri has 10 years experience in paranormal investigation.  Her area of expertise is historic research and designing investigations to achieve the greatest possible results.  She brings her analytical medical experience to every project she takes on.

Patricia Davisson

Patricia has over 18 years of paranormal investigation experience.  She studied and researched esoteric magick for more than 20 years. She is also a para-legal for a large aerospace company and is the BTown Ghost Team’s legal expert.

Jenette Black

Jenette has over 10 years in paranormal investigation experience.  Her area of expertise is equipment management and alternative source discovery. She acts as team liaison with young clients and witnesses.  Her humor is vital in keeping investigations on track.